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As you approach menopause, you experience intimate symptoms that undermine your self-confidence and sex life. These issues can be tough to address, but at Nouvé Med Spa in Downey, California, you can take advantage of TempSure™ Vitalia radiofrequency therapy to restore vaginal tissue and health. Call the office to learn more about this innovative, effective, noninvasive procedure that undoes vaginal atrophy, or you can book an appointment online.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

How does TempSure Vitalia work?

TempSure Vitalia radiofrequency energy is applied to the internal and external vaginal tissue using a handheld, sterile probe. The energy penetrates your deeper layers of tissue to enhance tone and structure. By stimulating the development of the skin-strengthening compound known as collagen, TempSure Vitalia tightens thin, delicate skin to restore vaginal health. Because the energy goes deep, it also boosts the strength of supporting structures beneath the skin.

By promoting collagen development in the vaginal tissue, TempSure Vitalia makes it stronger and more resilient. The energy also promotes better circulation so you get better oxygen delivery to this delicate tissue.

Who should consider TempSure Vitalia treatment?

Women who have hormonal changes affecting their vaginal area might consider TempSure Vitalia treatments. If you’re approaching menopause, in the throws of menopause, or just had a baby, you may suffer specific vaginal issues that benefit from Vitalia treatments. Consider it if you have:

  • Mild-to-moderate urinary incontinence
  • Decreased sexual pleasure
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Vaginal dryness

TempSure Vitalia is at the cutting edge of today’s technology for tissue transformation. The procedure can be especially helpful for women who chose to avoid hormone treatments for personal or health reasons.

What should I expect during a TempSure Vitalia treatment?

Vaginal treatments are performed with a sterile vaginal probe that causes no pain and takes just a few minutes. You feel some heat during TempSure Vitalia energy application, but most women tolerate it well. The procedure requires no injections, anesthesia, or incisions.

You notice results almost immediately, but get optimal results after three treatments, scheduled six weeks apart.

Does TempSure Vitalia require downtime?

The treatments are safe and don’t require surgery or downtime. You can schedule an appointment at lunch and go back to all of your normal activities following.

There are no side effects, but you will need to refrain from putting anything into your vagina for about three days following the procedure.

To learn how TempSure Vitalia can help your most intimate areas achieve greater hydration, tauter skin, and more resilient tissue, call the office or schedule an appointment online.